Be bold, stand out and protect your iPad® with THE TROOPER. Featuring a black hinge, keyboard, base and ergonomic rubber feet, the imperial white protective case provides intergalactic contrast. Collectors and fans will enjoy the high-quality fit and finish of our latest ClamCase® the first in our INSPIRED SERIES.

Get Protected

ClamCase offers solid protection for your iPad. The hard shell polycarbonate case protects all sides of your tablet and guards against dents and dings.
ClamCase integrates a Bluetooth keyboard, rock-solid stand, and a protective case into one streamlined package. The matte black finish and soft-touch surfaces compliment its ergonomic build, and the innovative 360° hinge takes your iPad to the next level.
ClamCase's slim scissor keys provide the tactile feel of a laptop to help you type faster and more effectively. By eliminating the inefficient on-screen keyboard you'll take back 40% of your iPad display real estate. In addition to the QWERTY layout, there are 14 special function keys that allow you to copy, paste, control music and more!
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ClamCase iPad Keyboard Cases
ClamCase Matte Black for iPad 2/3 ClamCase Matte White for iPad 2/3 ClamCase Trooper for iPad 2/3
ClamCase iPad 2 Keyboard Cases
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ClamCase iPad Keyboard Cases
ClamCase Matte Black for iPad 1 ClamCase Trooper for iPad 1
  • Full QWERTY keyboard with 14 function keys for maximum efficiency
  • 360° patent pending hinge offers one-of-a-kind functionality
  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for seamless syncing
  • Hard protective shell offers unparalleled durability
4 versatile modes
  • "ClamCase is probably the best iPad keyboard case to date."
  • "The ClamCase provides a complete Mac-style keyboard with keys that feel quite a bit like keys on Apple's current keyboards."
  • "ClamCase is cure to iPad's biggest shortcoming"
  • "The most intriguing thing about the ClamCase is how light it is"
  • "Rocks enough protection to keep your pricey Apple product safe"
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